Jabin Managing Director, Dennis Jose feels lucky to be involved in the engineering sector. Dennis was able to move away from home after school, obtain engineering qualifications and experience and then return home to Far North Queensland and manage the delivery of infrastructure and housing projects in Indigenous communities. Dennis, through Jabin Project Management will work with other organisations to find and support the next generation of engineers who wish to give back in the same way.Jabin has worked with Engineers Without Borders – Engineering on Country program raising awareness of how engineering can make the world a better place. Managing Director, Dennis Jose has spoken to high school students interested in engineering at events held by local Universities.

Dennis has also sponsored and spoken at conferences such as Aboriginal Enterprises in Mining Exploration and Energy and shared knowledge of his business experiences.

Our Community Work

Jabin joins Engineers Without Borders to promote Engineering
February 17 2017

Engineers Without Borders have many programs that promote engineering and they work with volunteers to make engineering services accessible to all communities irrespective of location and circumstance.¬† One of those programs, Engineering¬†on Country, aims to increase participation of Indigenous people in engineering. Jabin, as well as several other engineers and scientists, have lent their support […]

Promoting Engineering to Indigenous Students
April 27 2016

There is no doubt that we need to increase the effort to promote engineering to Indigenous students as a real career option and Jabin wants to be involved in that cause. Engineers without Borders are already doing great work in promotion and several universities are seeing the benefits of running Indigenous Engineering Summer Schools. We […]