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Engineers Australia 

In terms of growing Indigenous engineer numbers in Australia, Grant Maher has worked with Engineers Australia to develop an Indigenous Engineers Chapter with focus on developing increasing numbers. In 2016, Grant was tasked with the creation and development of a newly established group for Indigenous Engineers within Engineers Australia (EA), positioned within the College of Leadership & Management (CLM), and since that time Grant has been the Chair of the Indigenous Engineers Group (IEG). 


The Indigenous Group seeks to further the cause of Indigenous engineers and promote engineering as a potential occupation to Aboriginal people, and is committed to expressing our culture as a form of awareness within the industry and developing a link with current Indigenous engineers, to form a united group of shared knowledge, perspectives and empowerment for all of Australia’s First Nation’s current and prospective engineers. 


In early 2020 in collaboration with EA’s National Manager of Diversity and STEM, the group has sought to expand and develop into a National Committee within Engineer’s Australia. At present we have been granted interim approval by the EA Board and will look to establish ourselves as a fully-fledged National Committee by early 2021. 


Both Grant and Dennis have been involved in Indigenous Engineering Schools over several years.  


Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders have many programs that promote engineering and they work with volunteers to make engineering services accessible to all communities irrespective of location and circumstance.  One of those programs, Engineering on Country, aims to increase participation of Indigenous people in engineering. 


Jabin, as well as several other engineers and scientists, have lent their support to this program by providing their own stories and experiences of using their skills in Indigenous communities.  

We encourage everyone to listen to the videos and read the stories on the EWB website

There is also a list of resources on the Engineers Without Borders website developed to assist educators to raise awareness and interest of engineering amongst students.  


In the Media


In the Media
Eng Without Borders
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